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QPS is a Bronze Enviroschool

This week I was inspired by the journey of reflection we took as the Enviroschool team looked back over the work that the school has been doing and decided that Queenstown Primary School are now a Bronze Enviroschool. Queenstown Primary …more

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Waste Audits

I’ve said it for years and I’m sure I’ll still be saying it for years to come – Waste is easy! It’s also one of the easiest places to start or check in with your journey towards sustainability. Waste is something we all have experience of, it’s in our daily lives – even if we don’t want it, it is thrust upon us without a care in the world as to the damage it may do. But……does it have to be this way?

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QPS is going worm crazy

Queenstown Primary have been doing an amazing job on tackling their food waste issues. Most of the school is into it, they understand the issues and have been working on ironing out the process of collecting and sorting the waste into the relevant streams. What we realised we needed to do was regenerate the slightly decrepit wooden worm farm.

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