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Shaping Our Future

Ever since I first heard about the “Shaping Our Future Forums” I have been keen as mustard to get some of our young people along to participate and have their voice heard. Megan and Blake, from Wanaka’s Young Change Makers, were also keen as mustard to get involved. We had no idea how it was going to work or if would even be interesting. It turns out that it was in fact epic, our voices were heard and now a lot more people know about WYCM!

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EPIC Earth Day Actions and Celebrations

Earth Day is a global celebration of all the positive actions being carried out across the globe to help us protect our future. Thanks to some amazing volunteer organisation from Amber, Wanaka was set to celebrate Earth Day in a spectacular fashion and take some action!

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Regeneration Wanaka

We love it when we have visitors come to our town. We generally find that they bring with them ideas and energy that we can feed from, they inspire us and guide us in new ways of taking action and coming together. We had the Regeneration crew visit us two years ago and I personally have been very excited to have them back.

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WYCM go Foraging

Wanaka is a buzz of talk about foraging at the moment. We have fruit and nut trees all over town laden with gorgeous edible delights. The conversation and opinions are varied about how we go about using and sharing these amazing resources. Some are easy to find, some are remote, some public & some private. Monday is Regeneration Wanaka and we need to be fed. It seemed only natural for Wanaka’s Young Change Makers to go exploring town looking for some edible delights.

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MYD Funding Applications

I’ve been working with Wanaka Young Change Makers, a Kahu Youth group, for almost a year now. We’ve done some amazing things in that year; carried out a waste audit at MAC, made a movie, explored Wanaka for free stuff …more

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