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Resourceful Communities

What is the Resourceful Communities project?

The Resourceful Communities project aims to make the link between global work on the circular economy and local reduction and reuse activities and initiatives.  We aim to show how people’s everyday decisions and actions around simple things like clothing, appliances and single use plastics can make a real difference. Our Resourceful Communities work includes the Community Survey (see below), the Repair Revolution, Plastic Free July, and the Six Items Challenge which focuses on the issues with fast fashion.

Financial support for this project has been received from the Waste Minimisation Fund which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment and from Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Waste Minimisation Plan implementation funds.

2021 Resourceful Communities survey

Read the summary of the 2021 Resourceful Communities Survey results here.

Read the results of the 2021 Resourceful Communities Survey here.

We’ve released the findings of our recent 2021 Resourceful Communities survey. Thanks to everyone who took part (all 1,003 of you)!

We asked people in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes about a range of behaviours from taking your own cup or container, to refilling and repairing, all with the aim of identifying the barriers that prevent people from reducing and reusing. 

As in 2019, the results underline people’s deep concern for our environment and the impact that our choices are making. 

It is now the norm in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes for people to use their own bag or bottle, with 96% and 92% respectively, always or usually doing so. Bring Your Own (BYO) cups are a little behind with 57% of people in the wider survey area always or usually doing this, but an outstanding 72% of Wānaka residents have given up take-away cups!

Wastebusters has gleaned some great insights into our community’s behaviours and concerns as well as how far we have come since 2019 when we first undertook the survey. Thank you again!

2019 Resourceful Communities survey

Read the summary of the 2019 Resourceful Communities Survey results here.

Read the full report of the 2019 Resourceful Communities Survey here.

Wastebusters study of barriers to waste reduction and reuse in Central Otago, released in November 2019, reveals people are deeply concerned about their environmental impact. It’s now the social norm to carry our own bag and bottle, and more than 50% of us take our own coffee cup. The main barrier to reuse is forgetfulness.

Most people wanted businesses to help them reduce their environmental impact. The majority of respondents were keen to see BYO containers encouraged, a reduction in packaging, and businesses reducing and recycling their own waste.

The survey was answered by 675 people. The insights will be used in future campaigns and initiatives, to create helpful workshops and further online resources, and to target Wastebusters activities for maximum waste reduction impact.