Take action against textile waste with Re-Action

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Taking action

At Wastebusters, we believe an old logo shouldn’t signal the end of a garment’s life. That’s why we’ve activated Re-Action in Aotearoa New Zealand – to save new and pre-loved uniforms from landfill and give them a new life of adventures with you. 

By purchasing a Re-Action garment, you will save it from landfill and preserve the energy, water and resources used in its making. 

Rebranding uniforms 

Wastebusters has long recognised that branded uniforms create a unique problem, especially when a business rebrands or changes its logo. Garments with the outdated logo are no longer appropriate for staff, or others in the community, to wear. 

So we took action, and in collaboration with RealNZ, we brought this project to life under the label ‘Re-Action’.


Re-Action is a not-for-profit global network of retailers, communities and organisations with a shared vision of a greener outdoor sports industry with circular models of repair, repurpose, rental and reuse.

Wastebusters joined the collective in 2022, to ensure new and preloved uniforms, which had been retired when RealNZ rebranded, could be kept in use. 

This pilot project was part funded by Queenstown Lakes District Council Waste Minimisation Fund. 

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