Green Cone

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The Green Cone is a “solar-powered” digester. This is a relatively new system for New Zealand but it has been around for a while. This is for the busy person who wants to do something with their food scraps but has very little time. Also perfect for holiday homes, rental homes, apartments.

This system will take all your food scraps, I’ll say that again, all of your food scraps! When I say everything I mean all meat and fish, raw or cooked.  Ninety percent of food waste will be absorbed as water into the soil and thereby nutrients are absorbed straight into the ground.

Note that the Green Cone doesn’t produce a supply of compost for your garden.

The caddy goes into the ground and the Green Cone sits on top

Once set up, it’s as simple as emptying your caddy full of food scraps into the Green Cone. That’s it. Over the winter months you add a biological activator that aids the composting process. Every few years it may need an empty out.

At this stage the Green Cone is expensive: in the $300 range. You can buy them online at Earth Angel.