Earthmaker composter

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This is a large plastic composting all-in-one three chamber unit. You put your food scraps and garden scraps into the top and the composting process begins.

On my travels I have yet to see one of these work properly. This is not to say they don’t work, they just probably need a tweak on how they’re used. The Earthmaker website has info on how to use this system.


Here are a few of my suggestions on how to use the Earthmaker in our unique Central Otago climate.


I have found that the most common problem is the moisture levels, the contents of the bin drying out. If this is happening give a light watering once a week or as needed.


Remember not to stuff the top chamber full with just one ingredient ie when you mow the lawn, mix in other ingredients at the same time. If you have to much of one ingredient store and use later on.


Add a handful of tiger worms into the bottom chamber.  You can buy them or, better still, ask a neighbour for some. Sometimes they arrive by themselves. These fella’s will aid the composting process.