Building materials


Wastebusters loves finding a new home for stuff, and construction material is no different.

We have limited storage space for building materials, so please call the front yard on 443 8606 x1 if you have large quantities or bulky items you’d like to donate.

We accept the following material in good, reusable condition:


Timber (at least 1m long)

Plywood sheets


Timber frames 

  • we can’t take chipboard, plasterboard or cement board (eg MDF, GIB)


Windows & doors

Wood or metal window frames with glass intact 

Doors & door frames 

  • metal frames without glass can be recycled at the Transfer Station



Metals suitable for reuse and creative arts (eg sheets of roofing iron, flues, garage doors, rebar, wire fencing, gutters, water cylinders) 

  • any metals we can’t take can be recycled at the Transfer Station 




Insulation (dry & clean)

Tiles, vinyl, carpet  

Curtains & blinds



Plumbing (pipes, bathtubs, sinks etc)

Bits & bobs (shower mixers, taps, hinges, curtains rails, light switches, door knobs etc)


Wastebusters can also take cardboard, expanded polystyrene and clear pallet wrap for recycling (fees apply to cover the cost of responsible recycling).

Check out our business recycling page for more details.