Business waste audits

Wastebusters is passionate about supporting employees, business owners, policymakers and householders to make choices which support the shift to a circular economy.

The following case studies evolved from waste audits undertaken by Wastebusters with financial support from QLDC’s waste minimisation funds, and detail the audits results, challenges, and actions of the businesses.

Our waste audits are part of our waste consultancy work and provide quality waste data and analysis, recommending actions, initiatives and training opportunities to help organisations reduce their waste and carbon footprint.

Millbrook Resort

Millbrook staff are passionate about reducing waste, with a number of environmental champions in the business as well as strong leadership from the Environment Committee. Wastebusters found they could build on existing practices to make significant inroads towards zero waste.

Glendhu Bay Motor Camp

Glendhu Bay Motor Camp hosts up to 2,000 holiday-makers at the height of the summer so they have to deal with a huge amount of waste. By sending food waste to a neighbouring farmer’s worm farm, improving their recycling areas and working hard to educate staff and guests alike, Glendhu has already seen a significant decline in the amount of waste destined for landfill.




An events venue as well as a working vineyard and winery with onsite tasting room, Rippon has a number of different waste streams to manage. As a certified biodynamic vineyard, Rippon has had to consider how to process significant food and green waste that comes from external, non-organic sources. 



Mons Royale

Small changes in the office environment, with compost bins in the kitchen, improved recycling areas and staff education was all it took to reduce Mons Royale’s office waste. The team is constantly looking for new ways to reduce their plastic packaging and offer repair options to extend the life of their clothing.


Green Fox

The “green” in Green Fox is about having an environmental ethos through all arms of business, and waste is a key part of this. All of Green Fox’s waste is diverted from landfill but a key challenge for them is working with their suppliers to find recyclable alternatives to many of their landscaping essentials. 


Kinross Boutique Vineyard Hotel, Cellar Door and Bistro

The Kinross team is supportive of making positive changes to be a more sustainable business. As a varied and diverse business, one of the big challenges for Kinross in their waste minimisation journey was knowing what waste stream to tackle and how to prioritise their next steps.


Warren and Mahoney Architects

Accredited by Greenstar and Homestar, Warren and Mahoney Architects adopt design principles that minimise waste. Diverting construction waste from landfill is challenging for the company due to the lack of local infrastructure.

Wilson Contractors

Wastebusters’ audit team observed a culture of resourcefulness and reuse. However the industry’s procurement processes weigh sustainability poorly (often only 5%), making it difficult to prioritise waste minimisation efforts over price and other considerations.