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Business recycling

Wanaka and Alexandra

Business recycling

Wastebusters has sorted the recycling for businesses in Wanaka and Central Otago since 2006. More than 800 businesses recycle with us, and nearly all say they recycle because it is good for the environment.

Wanaka office Txt or call Bis on 027 322 9671 or email recycle (at) wastebusters.co.nz  Landline (03) 443 8606 x 5

Alexandra office Txt or call 027 319 7770 or email recyclealexandra (at) wastebusters.co.nz  Landline (03) 448 9948


Materials we pick up from businesses are:

  • glass
  • paper
  • cardboard boxes
  • clear plastic bottles #1 (look for a plastics identification number in the recycling triangle, usually it’s on the bottom)
  • plastic bottles and containers #2
  • plastic containers #5
  • tin
  • steel
  • liquid paperboard cartons (e.g. Tetra Pak)
  • polystyrene (white)
  • shrink-wrap
  • used vegetable oil (free service)
  • electronic waste (computers, printers, faxes, cellphones etc)

You can also drop off all those materials for recycling at our recycling centres in Wanaka and Alexandra. Click here for a map to find our sites.  We have a free collection service for used vegetable oil in Wanaka. The used vegetable oil is made into biodiesel.

Other things you can drop off for recycling at our recycling centres are:

  • scrap metal
  • used engine oil
  • building materials
  • batteries (including rechargeable eg for tools)
  • printer cartridges
  • eco-bulbs
  • reusable glass bottles (keep separate for re-use ie Emersons, Green Man, Bombay Sapphire, Waiwera water, Speights swap-a-crate).

We can’t recycle:

  • anything that’s dirty or food-contaminated (e.g. coffee cups, dirty sauce bottles)
  • plastics 3, 4, 6, 7 or unidentified (there is no reprocessor to send them to)
  • meat-trays, biscuit trays or vegetable/fruit punnets (no reprocessor)
  • cardboard rolls (e.g. for fabric) – these are saturated in glue and are a contaminant for cardboard recycling.
  • PLA (a plant-based plastic identified by a PLA or flower logo on the bottom)

Dirty mixed-up recycling is no fun for anyone and  it’s very hard and expensive to recycle into a high quality product. That’s why we keep our recycling streams as clean as we can, and hand-sort everything that comes back to the recycling centre

Business Recycling Collections:

We have three main options but we can tweak any of these packages to suit your business. 

Accommodation: Triple Bin Package Ideal for guests at motels and apartments. Package consists of three clearly labelled wheelie bins: grey for glass, blue for plastic/ cans and red for paper/cardboard. We check bins weekly or on request.

Wanaka Wastebusters Accommodation Triple Bin Package

Bars and Restaurants:  Hospitality Package Designed to handle high volumes of recycling behind the scenes. Package consists of a combination of wheelie bins (usually for glass) and fadges to handle bulk cardboard packaging and plastic containers. We check the recycling station up to three times a week if needed. 

Offices and Small Business: Office Package Suits offices and small businesses who mostly recycle paper and cardboard, with some mixed glass and plastics. We can provide you with clean green recycling sacks to deal with moderate amounts of recycling. We check the recycling station weekly or on request. 

Flexible Package Any system can be tweaked with a unique combination of wheelie bins, fadges and green sacks to suit your business.

Drop Offs

Some businesses may find it convenient to drop off their own recycling. We can set up an account for monthly invoicing. The drop off price is about half the price of the standard pick-up costs. You can drop recycling off at Wastebusters any time we’re open.