WANAKA (03) 443 8606 ALEX (03) 448 9948

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Wastebusters does recycling for businesses and events in Wanaka, Cromwell, Alexandra and smaller Central Otago towns.

Wanaka office: (Bis) 027 322 9671 or 03 443 8606 x 5, email recycle (at) wastebusters.co.nz

Alexandra office: 027 319 7770 or 03 448 9948, email recyclealexandra (at) wastebusters.co.nz

More than 800 businesses recycle with us, which is phenomenal for the Central Otago region. Many of our small business owners make a living from tourism, and they’re pretty savvy. They know tourists want to see a clean, green New Zealand, and that they expect to see businesses recycling. Recycling is a very visible way of showing that we look after the beautiful landscape that we are lucky to live in.

The Wastebusters business team started from scratch and over the years we’ve learnt a lot about how to make business recycling easy and cost-effective for our customers. We’ve developed three main systems for business recycling. We work with our new customers to tailor one of those systems to suit their business perfectly.

Wastebusters also have a well-deserved reputation for events recycling. Past events we’ve recycled at include Rippon, Warbirds Over Wanaka and the Wanaka A&P show. We also do many weddings and smaller events over the summer. Our team can pull it out of the bag every time because we have a low-tech system that depends on great staff. We’re flexible, low-key, experienced and very efficient.