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Op Shops

Wanaka and Alexandra

Our Reuse shops


We get over 100,000 visits each year to our reuse shops in Wanaka and Alex, where we  sell everything from pre-loved designer clothes and furniture to skis and snowboards.

Often people buy something and use it for a while, then drop it back to us when they’ve finished using it. We love finding things a second home so they don’t end up being thrown out, and we love making life in Central Otago a bit more affordable.

All our goods are donated by people who support our zero waste mission, and we really appreciate the ongoing support from our communities. All the people who donate their no-longer-needed stuff to us are the stars who keep the shop in business. Any money we make from our education, reuse and recycling services is put towards our work for zero waste.

Click here for maps showing how to get to our shops in Alex and Wanaka.