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Garden workshops

Gardening and composting workshops

Wanaka’s green-thumbed guru Ben Elms gives advice and runs workshops on gardening and composting as part of the Dr Compost project funded by Queenstown Lakes District Council and delivered by Wastebusters. 

Our gardening and composting workshops for Wanaka and Queenstown residents are finished for this growing season. They’ll be back in spring. ‘Like’ Wastebusters or Dr Compost on Facebook, and you’ll be one of the first to know when the next ones are coming up.

If you’ve got a burning question, you don’t have to wait. Wanaka and Queenstown residents can get free gardening and composting advice from Dr Compost by messaging him on Facebook or emailing him at drcompost@wanakawastebusters.co.nz

We get very positive feedback from everyone who attends Ben’s workshops, both novices and experts. The bonus is that the workshops are free, thanks to Queenstown Lakes District Council’s funding to reduce organic waste going to the landfill. Food and garden waste can break down in the landfill and release methane, a harmful climate change gas.

Advice from Dr Compost

Dr Compost writes regularly for newspapers on our local area and for gardening magazines. You can read some of his latest pieces here on composting and gardening topics.

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