We try to make every day a plastic free day at Wasties, but July is a month when we turn up the volume with Plastic Free July. 

Reducing or eliminating plastic and single-use packaging from your household might seem daunting but once you look around, you’ll spot ways here and there to get you underway.  It doesn’t take much to make a big difference and the changes you make won’t just be good for the planet, your wallet will thank you too!

Whether it’s using a refill service where you can buy only what you need, or swapping out a shampoo bottle for a bar that lasts longer, rethinking how we shop and looking for low waste and plastic free alternatives can change your world for the better! 

Join us for a month packed with inspiring ideas, simple swaps, fun events and interactive workshops. We’ll be posting real-life plastic free stories on our socials, we’ll be hosting an evening with Freshlink to help you refill better and we’ll be holding a fun Plastic Free Drinks event at Wasties with Plastic Free Wānaka as the month draws to a close. 

89 million people around the world took part in Plastic Free July in 2023. With a figure like that, small changes can make a huge difference! 

You can be part of the worldwide movement by signing up on the official Plastic Free July page, and join Wastebusters online or in person:

Upskill your Refill refillery workshop: Ever wondered how refilleries work their magic? Come join us for a deep dive into the world of refills and why they’re seriously awesome.

Just one swap competition: Tell us how your one swap is going to be in to win some cool prizes!

Plastic Free July special edition newsletter: Packed with tips, tricks, and resources to keep you inspired all month long—don’t miss out, sign up now!

Plastic Free July drinks: Let’s raise a glass (plastic-free, of course!) with Plastic Free Wānaka & Wastebusters. Expect a fun-filled evening with DIY activities to help you kiss those single-use items goodbye.

 Inspiring ideas and discussions: Join the conversation on Facebook & Instagram as we swap ideas and chat about all things plastic-free living.

Let’s make Plastic Free July 2024 count! Who’s in? 🌍💚