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You probably know Simon, our resident reuse superstar, from our front yard. Rain or shine, he’s there, sorting drop-offs, pricing up your secondhand scores, always with a big smile. Or maybe you’ve spotted him around town, with his trusty sidekick Mac perched happily on the front of his dog-friendly bike.

Simon lives and breathes bikes. On his days off, he’s hitting the trails and every workday, you’ll see him cycling to and from work, summer through winter. Today, he’s here to share his wealth of knowledge on bike maintenance with you, so that you can keep your bike in tip-top shape for years to come.

Simon’s top tips:

Keep your chain clean and well lubricated: A clean and well-lubricated chain ensures a smoother ride and reduces wear and tear on the drive chain. 

Check tyre pressure before every ride: Proper tyre pressure is crucial for safety, performance, and preventing flats. Use a bike pump and refer to the recommended pressure range printed on the tyre sidewall.

Inspect your brakes: Ensure your brakes are working correctly. Cable actuated brakes can be adjusted easily with a barrel adjuster, while hydraulic brakes require specific tools and fluid for adjustment.

Periodically check bolt tightness: If you have a carbon bike, invest in a torque wrench and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent over-tightening, which could lead to failure.

Invest in Quality Tools: Good quality tools will save you money in the long run. 

Consider essentials like:

  • Pump or CO2 inflator (for on-the-go and home use)
  • Spare tubes (match the size to your tyre, size is written on the sidewall of the tyre)
  • tyre lever (for easier tyre removal)
  • Multitool (the swiss army knife for bikes. This includes allen keys, screwdrivers, and sometimes a chain breaker for minor adjustments)

Maintaining your bike doesn’t have to be daunting. With Simon’s expert tips and the right tools, you can keep your bike running smoothly for years. 

If you think your bike could do with a tune-up, bring it to one of our repair events for some good old repair therapy! You might even get some more top tips or learn something new from some of our super-hero bike-fixing volunteers!