Life can move pretty fast sometimes – kids – kids’ social life – work – but our comms manager Ruth has found a way to slow it all down with the art of visible mending.

Why visible mending?

For Ruth, visible mending isn’t just about fixing; it’s about displaying the repair as part of an item’s story. It champions repair, shows you care about the garment, and can help create a quiet moment in a hectic day!

Patching a tear, darning a colourful fix or delving into the beautifully meticulous art of Sashiko are all quiet acts of rebellion when the lure of buying something new is just a click away. 

The rhythmic motion of needle and thread, the concentration required, and the satisfaction of repair can lower stress levels, boost your mood, and be incredibly calming and meditative. 

She reckons you may find your repaired garment will spark many conversations and create a ripple effect of positive action for our environment as you inspire others to try a mend of their own.

Get started

“The beauty of visible mending is that you don’t have to be perfect – you’re not hiding a fix, you’re celebrating repair. Experimentation is key, and like anything, the more you do it the better you’ll get,” Ruth says. 

Repair What You Wear is one of her favourite resources for anybody starting out. It’s a website dedicated to providing free, accessible tutorials to help anyone easily mend their own clothes, save money and reduce textile waste. They have a series of videos for everyday mends, embroidery stitches, and core mending skills like threading a needle and sewing on a button.   

Wastebusters has a nice little craft corner which often has darning needles and embroidery thread to get you started at a low cost.

So next time you spot a tear or a worn spot, love your clothes with a mend unique to you. 



If you want to learn more about the art of visible mending or how to repair any of your other beloved items, make sure you head along to our Repair Revolution events coming up! Get all of the details here.