Anna’s tips to make the most of your second-hand treasures

Colourful queen of reuse Anna has mastered the art of shopping her style. Her wardrobe bursts with vibrant colours, quirky accessories and funky patterns. In this blog, we’ll explore Anna’s style secrets on making the most out of your secondhand treasures. 

Anna’s golden rule: “There’s no such thing as a clash.” She rocks signature monochromatic looks, effortlessly blending various shades of the same colour. Picture bright red Converse paired with a slightly darker skirt, topped by an even brighter red top and a dash of pink with a jacket. The result? A playful, unconventional outfit that defies fashion norms. This also works with patterns and prints too, creating stylish ensembles with slight variations of leopard prints.

Layering is another key element in Anna’s fashion playbook. Often combining colourful, patterned long sleeves with playful short-sleeve tops, effectively showcasing her favourite features from both garments in a single outfit.

“One of my latest favourite looks is popping a sweater on top of my collared shirt, with the collar peeking out. The collar works great as an accessory, and the sweater also covers a stain in the shirt that I haven’t been able to remove. It’s a win-win.”

What truly sets Anna’s style apart is her accessory game. Sporting funky sunglasses or a big chunky necklace is another playful way to enhance an outfit. Her most noteworthy accessories are her homemade earrings, made from repurposed materials such as cutlery or children’s toys, often found in reuse shops.

Anna’s fashion senses come alive while opshopping, where she uncovers unique twists on items like jeans with hand-embroidered pockets or denim jackets adorned with fun badges. Her top thrifting tip? Always try on items and stroll around the shop to ensure comfort in those shoes, ease in those trousers, and confidence in that jacket.

Anna believes that shopping your own style should be a fun way to artistically express yourself. It makes getting ready for the day more exciting knowing that she gets to start her morning on a fun note.

To embrace your style like Anna, remember: there’s no such thing as a clash, layering enhances an outfit (and hides stubborn stains), op shopping yields unique treasures, the more accessories the better, and most importantly, have fun with it!

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