Emma’s shopping secrets are worth noting

Step into the wonderful world of Emma, the ultimate secondhand fashionista and a Reuse team icon. Picture her behind the counter at Wasties, where she greets customers with an infectious smile, wearing her favourite pair of striped blue dungarees and cosy knit cardi. Emma’s style is a seamless blend of retro charm and playful patterns, and she’s here to guide you on your secondhand style journey.

Having worked at Wastebusters for almost four years, Emma’s shopping secrets are worth noting. She suggests allowing ample time for your op shop adventure, with early mornings at Wasties being a prime recommendation. This is when the shop is tranquil, giving our awesome team enough time to restock. 

Another tip from Emma: always try before you buy. Most op shops have fitting rooms, and she swears by this practice. Clothing can look vastly different on you than on the hanger, and comfort is key.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with sizes, as sizing standards have evolved over time.

When it comes to crafting your perfect outfit, embrace the art of mixing and matching! Layering patterns adds depth and dimension. Identify patterns that resonate with you and let your creativity guide your style.  

Emma’s rule: balance loose and tight fits for a harmonious ensemble. For instance, if she chooses velvet blue flares, she pairs them with a cosy chunky knit. Then, she adds chunky shoes, a fun bag, and silver jewellery for a touch of sophistication. On colder days, she layers on an oversized patterned cardi. The result? A snug and fun look, adorned with earthy tones and delightful patterns.

As you plan your next visit to Wasties, remember Emma’s sage advice. Arrive early, allow ample time for your treasure hunting and always try before you buy! Most importantly, have fun while experimenting with textures and patterns. And remember, if you find yourself in a style conundrum, don’t hesitate to reach out to Emma at Wasties for a dash of styling inspiration and guidance! 

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