In the spirit of Secondhand September, we’re sharing our team’s top tips & tricks on shopping at Wastebusters Wānaka…

Give yourself time
We really recommend making a morning of it, our stock is constantly changing as awesome treasures are donated throughout the day. Allow yourself enough time to have a really good browsing experience. 

Dress for the occasion
Skip the changing room queues by wearing easy-to-layer clothing. Bonus points if you’re wearing shoes that slip on and off easily. 

Always check the drawers!
Be sure to get into all Wasties’ nooks & crannies. The best treasure is often tucked away in a corner or drawer, just waiting to be found.

Check out the displays
Pay attention to the shop displays – the mannequins are often the best dressed in the shop! The displays are the perfect inspiration on how to style these items in your own home.

Something to love
You may not find the perfect size set of drawers you were after, or that one particular book you’ve been waiting for – not this time anyway. But as we always say – Wastebusters tells you what you need, and you’ll often find something to love – that’s just the magic of Wasties.