Catrin in her favourite Levi straight leg jeans, white top and checkered wasitcoat stand sideways to camera. In teh background in the lake and snow capped mountains

Reduce Team style queen Catrin talks 90s fabulousness and secondhand secrets in part 1 of our Secondhand September series:

The beauty of shopping your own style is that you won’t have to constantly purge and update your wardrobe to keep up with ever-shifting trends. It’s about celebrating your style staples and building a wardrobe that’s uniquely you. Furthermore, exploring the world of secondhand treasures adds an enchanting element of surprise. While it may appear a tad overwhelming at first, with a few useful tips to keep in mind, you’ll be saying, “Thanks! I got it from Wasties!” in no time.

Whether you’re after a fresh new look or eager to revamp your style, secondhand shopping is a great way to find fun and unique pieces. But first, your journey begins at home, in your own wardrobe.

Take a moment to reflecton the pieces that naturally draw you in. What is it about them that captivates you? Pay attention to the fit, the colour, or is it a specific fabric like denim, wool, or corduroy that you love?

Now that you have a better understanding of your style, consider wearing that garment the next time you go secondhand shopping. By doing this, you can build an outfit that compliments each piece using colours, accessories, and materials.

If you find yourself in need of inspiration, my favourite place to look is old films that I love, such as ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Pretty Woman’. A quick Google search of Julia Roberts in the 90s is all I need to find inspiration on how to build an outfit around my cherished straight-leg Levi jeans. With that in mind, I head to Wasties wearing my jeans and more often than not, I stumble upon timeless pieces that complete my look.

By celebrating your unique style staples and incorporating them into your secondhand shopping experience, you’ll create a wardrobe that truly reflects your individuality. Happy hunting!

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