Whether you’re spring-cleaning your closet or you’re an avid second-hand shopper, here are our top suggestions for how you can support second-hand this September (and beyond!).

When you’re donating items, check that they’re ready for a new home. If it’s clothing – make sure it’s clean and in good condition without any rips, holes or mysterious stains. If it’s an electrical item, a piece of furniture, kitchenware or other knick knacks – check it’s still working properly, all of the parts are included and no bits are broken.

An easy way to check if something is good to donate is to ask yourself, ‘would I be happy to gift it to a friend?’ If yes, then we would love to help to find it a new loving home.
If no, and your item is broken, stained or missing pieces – don’t despair! You might be able to fix them (our Repair Revolution events are perfect for this), clean it or just give it a little TLC before you use it again or gift it to someone else.

Support second-hand first
Getting in the groove of supporting second-hand is easier than you think. Need something new? No worries! Head to Wasties and have a wander around.  You might not find what you want straight away, but you’ll enjoy the journey.  The great thing about slowing down before you purchase is that you often forget why you wanted something in the first place. An easy way to save money! When you do find something special you’ll feel happy in the knowledge that you’ve grabbed yourself a bargain, found something unique, and followed your own style. 

Be a beautiful shopper
Our crew does an amazing job sorting and organising all of your wonderful donations, and they love all the positive customer interactions. We know you love the vibe here too! There’s one thing you can do to help to make the experience even better for you and other shoppers. If you have tried on items of clothing but they aren’t quite right, hang them back up on their racks. The kids can help too by popping the toys and books they’ve enjoyed back where they belong.

Spread the love
Helping to spread the love is such a great way to support second-hand. Tell all of your friends about your latest secondhand find, spread the word about the benefits of supporting and shopping secondhand, share your favourite secondhand store’s social posts or leave an online review for them. It all helps.