Join us for a networking session with the local zero waste community and learn more about waste minimisation, zero waste and the circular economy, and how Closing the Loop can benefit our planet, people and businesses – Thursday, 22 September, 4pm to 6pm at the Lake Wānaka Centre.

We will have a diverse lineup of speakers from local businesses that are paving the way to zero waste. Hear their stories about creating a thriving circular economy in our local community and Aotearoa… Just what you need to motivate and inspire you on your own zero waste journey!
This free event is brought to you by Wastebusters, Ignite Wānaka and the Zero Waste Network.
Drinks and nibbles provided, everyone welcome. Please RSVP to reserve your spot, here.
What is Closing the Loop?
Closing the Loop events are an opportunity for networking, learning and sharing knowledge where we aim to increase the understanding of zero waste and the circular economy. Every event features guest speakers that provide practical, unique examples of their zero waste journey and how they contribute to creating a circular economy in their local community and Aotearoa.
What is the circular economy?
The circular economy is an alternative to throw-away thinking and our ‘make-use-dispose’ economic model. In a circular economy waste has been designed out of the system, no excess is produced, and all resources are recovered. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design and recognises the intrinsic value of all living things and the ecosystems that sustain life. It creates strong, resilient and equitable communities where people have what they need to live happy and fulfilling lives.
This event is funded by QLDC Waste Minimisation and the Zero Waste Network.