Line of shirts and tops hung on a rack with a long wavy haired person, with their back to the camera, searching through them.Wastebusters Slow fashion Report 2022, released today, highlights our community’s passion for caring, sharing and repairing their clothes, and their desire for more mindful shopping.

The Slow Fashion Survey was run online from 14 February to March 31 during Wastebusters annual focus on slow fashion – the art of choosing well, making it last, repairing and wearing. We had a great response, with 104 people sharing their views.

We discovered many people choose quality over quantity (66%), buy less (46%), shop second hand (45%), and take great care of their clothes (25%) to reduce their environmental impact.

A strong thread of second hand shopping and donating was evident throughout, reflecting Wastebusters decades-long presence in Wānaka and Alexandra where the combination of reuse shops and zero waste education has resulted in reuse becoming part of the social norm.

Thanks to everybody who shared their slow fashion stories, helping bring awareness to the issues of fashion consumption and waste. We loved reading about the textile treasures you’ve held on to over the years and the reasons why.

Thanks also to Queenstown Lakes District Council for providing Wastebusters with the support and funding needed to produce an in depth report on the findings.

Read the report here.