From 1st January 2022, Wastebusters will start collecting Tetra Pak and similar liquid paperboard cartons as part of a 4 month recycling trial.

We can provide this service because Tetra Pak is supporting a company called Saveboard to produce wallboards from recycled liquid paperboard containers.

It’s important to note that you’ll only be able to recycle your Tetra Paks/liquid cartons through Wastebusters business collections (pop them in with your mixed plastics recycling) and at Wastebusters recycling centre drop-offs at our Wānaka and Alexandra sites. Tetra Paks/liquid cartons will NOT be accepted for recycling through kerbside recycling bins.

Tetra Paks/liquid cartons include both long-life cartons (e.g. oat milk, soy milk, juice) and chilled cartons (e.g buttermilk). We can accept both types.

As always, please remove lids and rinse the cartons before recycling them, as mouldy containers will not be accepted by the reprocessor.

Like a lot of the materials we collect at Wastebusters, Tetra Pak will be recycled onshore. It will be sent to Hamilton, where it’s made into Saveboard, a construction material for ceilings, internal walls and roofing substrate.

There are no other changes to the materials we accept for recycling.

Black shopping basket filled with drinks packaged in liquid paperboard, e.g. oat milk and juice