After over a decade of campaigning, Wastebusters is welcoming the beverage container return scheme proposed by the Government. We are keen and ready to go! 

In New Zealand, recycling of beverage containers currently lags at around 50%.

The Environment Minister expects that a container return scheme (CRS), with a proposed 20c refundable deposit, would incentivise people and boost the recycling rate for beverage containers to 85-90%!

Our sites are ready to go as CRS depots, making us a one-stop zero waste shop! 

Other proposals in the Governments “transform recycling” package included:

  • accepting the same materials for kerbside recycling all around the country
  • adding food scrap bins to kerbside collections
  • mandatory separation of food scraps from rubbish for businesses 


Making a submission

The Ministry for the Environment is keen to hear whether people support the proposals to transform recycling. Submissions are open until 8th May 2022, and can be made at

Wastebusters will be working with the Zero Waste Network to encourage the community to participate in the submission process.