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This March, Wastebusters is once again turning the spotlight on fashion waste by encouraging people to have a go at the Six Items challenge. (Yes, it’s back!)

Participants limit their wardrobe for a month, with the goal of rethinking their relationship with clothing as well as raising awareness about the waste, exploitation and environmental impacts of its production and disposal. 

Like last year’s challenge, participants commit to wearing just six main items for four weeks. Don’t panic, this excludes underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories or a jacket, plus this year we’re introducing some more accessible options:

The Straight Six

Limit your wardrobe to just six items for the month (not counting underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories or a jacket)

The Wildcard Six

Add one wildcard choice each week to your six items (plus underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories and jacket)

The Flexi-Six

Choose the number of items to suit your lifestyle – it could be 8, 10 or 12 (plus underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories and jacket)

Don’t let fear of failure put you off, any level of participation is worthwhile! By participating in Six Items, you’ll be part of the change by

  • saying no to fast fashion, and yes to quality clothing, repair, longevity, your own personal style and fair working conditions. 
  • inspiring others and changing attitudes. It’s the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the downside of fast fashion. 
  • having more time – you won’t have to think about what to wear. 
  • getting the satisfaction of taking up a challenge, with insights into what fashion means to you and how to make it work for you

We can support you throughout the Challenge with tips, information, and facts you can share. Remember to sign up even if you’re just thinking about it or want to know more about the issues involved.  

You can also join the Six Items conversation on social media by tagging Wastebusters. 

Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t give up, bend the rules if you have to and above all think about the message. It can be a lot of fun. Even if you think you are well aware of the issues around fast fashion it will still get you thinking differently” – 2020 Six Items participant