Wastebusters commitment to real recycling can sometimes force us to change the materials we accept for recycling, as the industry grows and matures.

We’re able to send our plastics #1, #2 and #5 to onshore reprocessors to be made into something new, which we’re stoked about! 

But sadly we don’t have anywhere (either in New Zealand or overseas) to send coloured PET (#1), meat trays, biscuit trays and veggie punnets for reprocessing, so we have had to stop accepting these plastics for recycling from 1 Dec 2020.

So, here are the plastics you can still recycle at Wastebusters (please make sure they’re clean):

Plastic bottles and containers:

  • clear only #1
  • all colours #2 and #5

White expanded polystyrene

Clear LDPE film (not glad-wrap or plastic bags)

The good news is you’ll still be able to recycle 83% of numbered plastics you use in your home. A Government proposal to ban problem plastics #3 and #6 could see this figure increase in the future.

Thanks to all those who bring their recycling into Wastebusters. We are an independent community enterprise so there is a charge of $3 per crate to cover the sorting, baling and freight costs of real recycling.

We get asked every day how to keep more stuff out of landfill, so here’s some ways to reuse and recycle, and avoid those plastics which can’t be recycled:

Swap it out

Soft drinks in coloured PET bottles can usually be found in recyclable materials like aluminium cans. Make the switch so you *can* keep drinking your favorite brands (or try a soda stream or making your own elderflower or kombucha). 

Go without… the packaging 

Most fruit and veggies can be bought loose at supermarkets and farmers markets. In Wanaka, the Butcher’s Block and Med Market accept BYO containers for meat. 

Keep a stash of produce bags and containers with your shopping bags.

For the ultimate in waste free shopping, check out Plastic Free Wanaka’s waste free shopping guide

DIY or trade

Biscuits and crackers are pretty easy to make and there’s heaps of recipes online. If baking is not your thing, maybe you can trade for something that is your thing (mow a lawn for a batch of cookies…)

If you need any help knowing what’s recyclable and what isn’t, just ask one of our recycling crew or email a pic of the item to ruth@wastebusters.co.nz