Kia ora Wastebusters whanau, 

The Wasties crew has been perfecting their bread making during lockdown, and thinking of the day we all get to bust out some dance moves together again. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen in Level 3.

Wastebusters sites remain closed to the public during Level 3. We will be picking up and sorting recycling from our business customers during Alert Level 3. 

If you need a business recycling pickup, please phone:

Wanaka – Bis on 027 322 9671

Cromwell and Alexandra – Sue Allen on (03) 448 9948

Please look after any reuse donations at home until we can receive them safely. 

If you normally recycle with us, you can hold onto your clean, dry recycling until we can reopen. These recycling tips will help you decide what to hold onto:

  • The recycling with the most value for Wastebusters (helping us to cover recycling costs) are: cans, plastic bottles (1 & 2), plastic containers (5) and cardboard (has to be dry). 
  • Paper and cardboard are useful in our gardens. Shredded and soaked it does wonders for the compost heap and cardboard works as a great base to suppress weeds. Best to avoid glossy and colourful paper (eg magazines) to keep your soil microorganisms safe from any toxic inks or additives.
  • Kerbside glass is still being recycled by council, so long as it meets quality standards. Put your glass bottles and jars out for recycling in the blue kerbside bin, or reuse them to store dry goods, homemade goodies or drinks. 

Lots of us have been cleaning out drawers, houses and garages. If you have goods you’re planning to donate to Wasties, we’d really appreciate you giving them the once-over before putting them aside for us. Only donate items you’d be happy to give to a friend (eg no stained holey or stretched  clothes, or broken or chipped items). It will really help our shop staff out who are expecting a big wave of drop-offs when we reopen.

Wastebusters is working with Community Networks and Civil Defence to provide blankets and warm clothes to those in need. Community Networks are coordinating the distribution, you can contact them on 03 443 7799. 

Stay safe, stay home and keep dancing – we’ll see you all soon!