This March, Wastebusters is hosting the Six Items Challenge to raise awareness about the dark side of fast fashion.

The Six Items Challenge is a way to highlight the over-consumption, waste and exploitation which is part of fast fashion.

Globally, we’re making more clothing than we can ever wear – an estimated 150 billion items per year – much of it is designed to be worn just a few times and thrown out. This is a waste of energy, water and resources, as well as being harmful to the environment through toxic chemicals, dyes and microplastics, and often involving exploitative labour practices.

So, what is the Six Items Challenge?

It’s as simple as it sounds – participants choose just six items from their wardrobe to wear for the month of March 2020. But don’t panic! The six items refer to your main items of clothing. You have unlimited access to underwear, accessories, footwear and sportswear plus uniforms and a jacket.

Please join us, we’re encouraging everyone in the region to give it a go!

By taking part in March’s month-long fashion fast you can inspire others; it’s the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the downside of fast fashion and to share ideas about how to shop sustainably.

We will share tips and stories along the way and would love you to share your journey too :)
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