Less litter, better recycling, less waste – what’s not to love about regulated product stewardship schemes? It can take less than 5 minutes of your time to get in behind the Government’s proposal to bring them in for six harmful waste streams, including packaging. Making a submission can be as simple as saying “yes” to each product being declared a Priority Product, or you can go into more depth about why you support it. Wastebusters fully supports the proposal, and if it comes off, it will be the biggest change to waste in the last decade. Help make it happen, by making a submission here The six product streams are:

  • packaging, including beverage containers and plastic packaging
  • tyres
  • electrical and electronic products (e-waste)
  • batteries, starting with lithium-ion batteries
  • refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases
  • agrichemicals and their containers and other farm plastics

Some helpful links if you need more information: A Dummies Guide to making a Submission on Priority Products Gina’s ODT article “Kicking recycling up a gear” Ministry for the Environment’s summary of what is proposed