Research is finding that tiny bits of plastic are spread all through our world: in salt, tap water and sand. We need to rethink our use of disposable plastics – and you can help.

New World are asking people whether they want to see a charge on single use supermarket plastic bags. You can vote for a 10c charge at before 8th October. New World have committed to bringing in a charge if the majority vote for it.

A small charge has resulted in an 80% (or more) drop in usage of plastic supermarket bags everywhere it’s been introduced overseas. It’s a really effective way of making people remember their bags – after all, we all love a freebie which makes it easy to take a bag if they’re free. Read Gina’s article giving 10 reasons for a 10c charge here..

Over 40 countries have already taken action on plastic bags, so action here in New Zealand is overdue – especially because we’re using 1.6 billion plastic bag a year! If you want change on plastic bags, put your vote in now and tell your friends.