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Help us tackle ridiculous and non-recyclable packaging!

Why the Unpackit Awards?

The Unpackit Awards were set up in 2010 by Wanaka Wastebusters, a community enterprise. We could see that lots of packaging was destined for landfill due to it’s design or materials. People kept telling us that they were frustrated by over-packaging and non-recyclable packaging. We decided to do something about it. In 2010, we set up  the people’s choice Unpackit Awards to recognise NZ’s best and worst packaging.

Has Unpackit made a difference?

For the last three years, the Unpackit Awards have instigated conversation about packaging waste and packaging design in the media, in communities and online.
The 2012 Awards received 10,011 votes from all over New Zealand. The project received financial support from the Waste Minimisation Fund which is administered by the Ministry for the Environment.

News from the winner of 2012 Worst Packaging Award

Melissa Hodd, Executive Manager Foodstuffs New Zealand, said today that

“Foodstuffs accepts there is an onus on them, as a large retailer, to try harder to reduce the amount of polystyrene packaging used by their stores, in particular with regard to produce packaging.”

“Foodstuffs has recently set up a sustainability programme which is looking at packaging among other environmental projects. We would like to confirm that reducing the amount of polystyrene packaging used and identifying more sustainable alternatives is already a priority for this group, and receiving the Unpackit Award for Worst Packaging further solidifies our need to focus on this area of the business.”

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