Creativity is a messy business and last night was no exception.  The table was full to overflowing with odds and ends, the choices were endless and the imaginations of my crafty crafters were bursting with inspiration.

The most exciting aspect for me is the variety that all the different people and age groups bring to the table. Then watching each piece evolve to bring out the character of the individual working on their bag. Observing the carefree casual approach of the younger ones, to the more structured purposefully placed pieces of the adults.

It is nights like these that helps me to free my imagination a bit more and to see things through other people’s eyes. Inspiration is a funny thing and should be shared.

Unfortunately this will be the last craft night for some time as we will be doing them seasonally from now on.  Watch out for what will be coming up next. Thank you to all who came along and keep those fingers and imaginations busy.