What would you do if your sewerage system was down for weeks, months or years, following a big earthquake?

This Sunday, 28th Oct,  there is a workshop at Wastebusters to learn how to make and manage a simple, affordable compost toilet. 1-3.30 pm, $10 or koha.

Photo credit: The Press, Christchurch

The workshops are being organised and run by Wanaka residents, Lisa Johnston and Greg Inwood, who are part of a Permaculture Emergency Response Team, which travelled to Christchurch following last year’s major earthquake to assist with the clean up and give a series of composting toilet workshops.

Lisa says “Knowing how to safely deal with human excrement at a household level is one of the most fundamental things we can do to prepare for an emergency. Most households are completely dependent on sewerage infrastructure, and the Christchurch earthquakes showed how particularly vulnerable and difficult to repair this infrastructure is”

“With these compost toilets, human excrement never comes into contact with drinking water, and if done properly, the end product is a rich compost which is completely safe to use on the garden.”

Workshop info

  1. Wanaka Wastebusters: Sunday 28th Oct, 1:00 – 3.30 pm
  2. Hawea Flat Hall: Sunday 4th Nov, 1:00pm – 3.30 pm
  3. Wakatipu High School: Sunday 11th Nov, 1:00 – 3.30 pm, Rm D7, Old Drama Room

Cost: $10 or koha

Email or call for more information: info@composttoilets.co.nz or Ph. 443 9046