Thursday 2nd August was a big morning for us, with a big shift around of our containers to improve traffic and material flows. Thanks to Bif’s colour-coded plan and the early morning start time, it all went smoothly with no dramas to report. This is Phase 2 of the site improvements we’re doing. Phase 1 was the recycling of the old glass pile on the top of our section and filling in the  glass pit.

That area is now resurfaced and is ready to be used for storage of our finished bales of recycling. More room in the yard will improve traffic flows and give us more space.

Phase 3 of the plan will be the moving of our meeting room (known as the little green shed) to a spot nearer the office.  Pete, who does the metals recycling, will have more room and hopefully we will also be able to recover more construction and demolition waste. With a colour-coded p