Craft night – clock-making Wednesday 16th May. Wanaka Wastebusters recycling centre, $5 donation.

Yee haa it’s that time again and boy do I have a treat for you.  This month we are making funky clocks.  My mate Matt, and fellow co-worker, has come up with this fabulous idea and I have asked him to share it with you.When I got to work the other day – there sitting on my desk was a groovy clock (in fact this one you see in the picture).  I thought it had come in as a drop off and one of the shop girls had put it on my desk, but no, it turns out that we have another crafty crafter in our midst.

Matt had had a brain storm and created this fabulous clock out of bits and pieces he found in the yard.  So there you go – put your thinking caps on and start to think about what you want your clock to look like.  If you are lacking in ideas come and see either Leanne or Matt out at Wanaka Wastebusters and they may be able to give you some good ideas.

The craft night this month will be on the 16th May – starting a 6pm, at Wanaka Wastebusters, we would welcome a $5 contribution to help us cover costs.