Oh no – boo hoo this was our second to last workshop for this round.

Man I have had such a neat time and learnt so much with Su these last few months.  My garden and lawn have benefit just as much as I have.

Last Sunday we put down our 500 preparation and it was almost like revisiting some of the other workshops and cementing the knowledge of what I have learnt in my head.

For a quick recap – Preparation 500 is cow poo packed into a cow horn – the best cow horns to use are those from a lactating cow who has had may births and a good healthy life.  You would imagine that cow horns are bone but this is not true, they are made up of skin cells that contain a good bacteria that reacts with the manure.  The cow horns are then buried in a hole in the ground (their points pointing up) and left to mature over the colder months.  It is best to bury the horn on a descending moon, and preferably somewhere that doesn’t get to wet.

As a bit of a bonus we raised the prepartion 501 – that we buried in our second workshop, and used it – I was very excited to be using a product that we have created in our own back yard for use in our own back yard.  Maybe next year we will start off by raising the preparation 500 that we have just up down to use.

The next and last workshop will be at the end of May, it will be your last chance to be a part of this amazing experience.  Watch this sit for details.