OMG this is embarrassing, where has this month gone. Our next workshop is next week.

Making CPP Fermentation Compost.

CPP (Cow Pat Pit), this is something I know exactly nothing about. It’s not as if we all have a pit in our back yard that we can through cow poo into, but so far everything I have learnt in these workshops has been fabulous and my garden and houseplants are thriving for it.

So I am super keen to get into it and find out what it’s all about and how it works.  So come on guys get your gummies and join us out at Glendhu Station on the 25th March, at 9am.  Tickets are only $25 from Wastebusters.  This price not only includes an enriching morning of learning but you get to take home some of this amazing product to try out for yourself.