I woke up this morning and it was raining, I almost thought of postponing this workshop for another day – but am I glad I didn’t. We made potting mix (which my plants are going to love me for), this stuff is so jam packed with goodness I could almost eat it. Well not me so much but my plants will wallow in it.

I now say goodbye to those commercial potting mixes, they look anemic and totally inferior to the beautiful, rich, light and fluffy potting mix we made.  With all the natural goodness and energy we put into it I will be surprised if my indoor plants don’t leap out of their pots and thank me.

Compost teas were also on the menu for todays smörgåsbord, of biodynamically fabulous recipes.  I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this before, it is as easy as using all the weeds out of your garden to brew up an amazing, if not a wee bit smelly, concoction of goodness that your plants will be happy to lap up, and you have no waste.  We also looked at specific compost teas like nettle, comfry or seaweed.  Adding biodynamic preparations into these compost teas makes them all round healthy,  liquid fertilizers, and believe it or not, reduces the smell.

Pests – what pests, our gardens are going to be so healthy that pests don’t stand a chance, and if they do think they might pop around for a holiday they will be sadly disappointed, because we have knowledge to stop these little devils in their tracks without the use of big bad chemicals and pesticides. It’s the friendly way to deter undesirables.

I had such an interesting time out there at beautiful Glendhu Station, and was so engrossed in what Su was teaching us today, that I forgot to take photos, until the very end.  Thanks Su your knowledge and enthusiasm is boundless and you make everything so easy and achievable for the novice and experienced gardeners alike.