Thank you to all the ladies who came along and participated in the last craft workshop sharing your energy, knowledge and joy in not just candle making but all the other little things that go with a good ole get together. I even learnt a few good cooking tips, and made some new friends as well as catching up with the old ones.

As per usual it was a very hands on affair.  After we all selected a fancy array of  containers to make our candles in, we all pitched in together and took turns, grating, melting, stirring and pouring, it was a very industrious hive of activity, and most of the ladies made 2 or 3 candles each to take home or give away as gifts. It was lovely to see everyone encouraging each other, sharing ideas and taking turns with the only element we had to heat the wax on.

I must admit I was very impressed by all the beautiful candles that were made – well done ladies and thank you.