Unpackit Team Shortlisting for Awards

The Unpackit Packaging Awards received 215 nominations – more than double last year. Yahooo!!! The team is spending this week shortlisting the eight finalists for the Best and the Worst categories. Sophie and Gina headed to the supermarket on Monday for a research trip to look at some of the nominations up close.

We bought some examples of the Worst packaging to take home and compare. As we piled them on the conveyor belt, we were taken back at how shiny and bright all the packaging was – like a pile of brightly wrapped Christmas presents. 13 pieces of rubbish in one multi-pack. This packaging has very little to do with getting the product home in good condition, it’s all to do with eye-candy appeal – making it look bigger and brighter than the product next to it on the shelf.

The next week will be spent looking at all the packaging nominations up close – and at the end of it, we will have eight finalists in the Worst Packaging Award and eight finalists in the Best Packaging Award. Voting will open at www.unpackit.org on Monday Feb 20th.

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One Response to Unpackit Team Shortlisting for Awards

  1. kees van Epenhuijsen says:

    Worst packaging I come across are

    Anathoth spread container: very difficult to open and rim not to possible keep clean.
    Jif containers: the plastic pin does not fit in the container after it has been used a few times so I have to use a nail.
    Oral B replacement brushes .Try to get them out from the packaging.
    Anchor Vanilla custards and its competitor . You never get it all of the ustard out of the waxed cardboards containers and they are not recyclable.
    Kleenex toilet paper . The package is not easy to hold while the plastic cover has not a perforated spot to rip it open.

    Best: the recyclable and with refills available Palmolive handsoap pump