This hands-on workshop will be on Making and Applying Preparation 500. Held at the stunning Glendhu Bay Station on Sun 29th Jan, 9am-noon, the view and morning tea alone is worth the $25! Prep 500 can improve the vitality and water retention of your soil, much needed in Wanaka. Find out what Biodynamics is all about, and how to grow more food without chemicals. Tickets from Wastebusters shop.

Preparation 500, known as cow horn manure, is fermented cow dung and with regular applications it provides the characteristics need to sustain a living soil, these being, increased worm activity, beneficial soil bacteria and water retention.  All the things that our poor soils are crying out for.

This is the third in our series of Biodynamic workshops, but you don’t need to have been to the others to get full value out of this one. These workshops are always hands on affairs where you learn while you do, and best of all your efforts never go unrewarded – you get to take home some of the product we have all put our energy into making.

Don’t miss out, pop down to Wanaka Wastebusters and get yourself a ticket today.