In this time of uncertainty for Wanaka Wastebusters, we’ve had some good news! At their last council meeting, the Queenstown Lakes District Council unanimously voted for Wanaka Wastebusters to have a 35 year lease on the site, at zero cost.


The recycling centre was built by volunteer labour back in 1999. We’ve spent Wastebusters money upgrading the site and our buildings to the great state they’re in today – but we have never had the security of a long-term lease for the site until this week!

That means we have a place to run our Re-use store and our business and events recycling from, and a base to start rebuilding our social enterprise after the loss of the recycling contracts. As an old landfill site, the land here has limited uses and no-one else was that keen to occupy it but it suits us perfectly. Great to have something to celebrate after all the upheavals of the last few months.