Last Wednesday we had our last craft night for the year.

Our theme was of course Xmas and we made Xmas crackers, a big thanks goes out to the ladies who attended, for bringing yummy nibbly things to eat.  We had a wee party whilst making some amazing Xmas crackers jam packed full of Xmas goodness and fun.

I think the most exciting thing about making your own Xmas Crackers is you can individualise them and tailor make them to fit specific people or themes.   A few examples of this would be adding puzzle piece to each cracker, or create a game like a treasure hunt with the clues inside the crackers, this would keep the younger members of the family entertained for a while.

Each cracker was a work of art and was full to the brim with a toy, lollie, party popper, hat, balloon and joke or inspirational saying and some had extras like puzzle pieces or game instructions. Squish as little or as much into them as you please.

Where else can you get such action packed Xmas Crackers these days.

Well that’s it for this year – Merry Xmas to you all and happy happy holidays.  Look after each other and stay safe.  Can’t wait to see you next year and catch up with what you have been doing.  Enjoy your overseas adventure Gemma.

Our next craft night will be around the 25th of January.