What a busy week in the world of craft and up-cycling.  Last Wednesday night was our monthly craft night and we had a great turn out, considering it was the beginning of the Wanaka Fest.  We had 6 people attend and turn boring wooden objects into works of art, it was a hive of activity.  All working on there own individual projects.

Our theme was paper napkins and decoupage, and the projects ranged from large to small, everyone picked an object to decorate and the decorating began.  It was lovely to see the projects evolve, not one of them was remotely the same.  There was dismantled and cut up pieces of napkin all over the table and what one person wasn’t using another was,  not alot of the materials was wasted or thrown away.

The creativity and conversation were free flowing, everyone went home with enough materials to finish the projects they had started.  I look forward to seeing the end results.

Another exciting workshop was held on Sunday at the Wanaka Fest, at the Kahu Youth tent.  I took along some materials from one of our previous craft nights (Button Jewellery) and set up a wee area in the sunshine outside the tent.  If was a bit of a slow start, but interest soon picked up after a couple of curious young ladies asked to make something, in no time at all I was surrounded by others all showing a similar interest.  Everyone made beautiful, brightly coloured button bracelets.  What a great bunch of kids.  It would be nice to do other workshops with our Wanaka Youth.