Last month’s crafty goodness was all about cardboard and paper.  It was another exciting night of creativity.

There were lots of ideas available, paper feathers, butterfly wreaths, cards and tags, memory boxes, scrapbook journals and even a book cover handbag. These were all on display on our notice board, but you are only limited by your imagination.

All of the materials were provided,  so it was just a matter of choosing a project and letting the fun begin.

Rimma's journal

With Stars in Your Eyes and the Rugby World Cup on at the same time, crafty numbers were down so there was plenty of materials for all, and everyone started a journal.  These are lots of fun to make because the sky is the limit, you can do anything you like.  It’s just a matter of covering pages of existing books with whatever pictures and colours you like, remember to leave some space to write in.

Everyone left with a project to continue with and a smile on their faces.

Next month is going to be a bit of a suprise, so watch this space.


Our next craft night is on Wednesday 19 October.  $5 Koha.  Almost everything will be provided,

If your not sure what to expect or are lacking in inspiration, come on down to Wastebusters reuse shop and check out the display board.

Like I said you are only limited by your imagination, so give it a go, and it is a social event, so feel free to bring a little something to drink, a cheeky vino and some nibbles or whatever you fancy.

If your a facebook fan, find our Wanaka Wastebusters page and ‘like’ us for regular craft night updates and much much more.

See you there.