Our third monthly craft night at Wastebusters was a great success.  Leanne had collected up some old blankets that we couldn’t sell in the shop and some offcuts as well.  There was so much to choose from it was hard to decide what to do.

Don’t miss the next craft night at Wastebusters “Making beautiful things out of paper and card: memory boxes, cards, feathers, wreaths” – Wednesday 21st September, 6-8pm.

Leanne made it easy for us by precutting a whole lot of hot water bottle covers and some stencils for hearts, flowers and stars.

So we got cracking and soon a couple of hot water bottles covers were created.  Being impatient by nature I chose the simplest design possible.  Caroline, however went all out on the flower and leaf theme, hers will be sooo pretty but mine is already in my bed!

Sophie with her finished product

Caroline realised just how much stitching she had to do











Shennee had her heart set on a cushion cover but just couldn’t find the right bit of blanket so she whipped up this awesome hottie cover.  Renee upgraded her ipod cover with some psychadelic happiness and a guitar.

Shennees gorgeous hot water bottle cover

Wow Renee's ipod feels so happy










A couple of latecomers soon caught up – we think they might have had some experience before! Willemina’s hollyhock obsession was furthered with her bit hottie cover.

This one's for a big hottie!

Check out this stitching technique..fast and fancy









Stay tuned for details of next month’s Craft Night…Wednesday 17th August 6pm