It’s a beautiful trophy – but we doubt it’s going to be on display at the Sunsweet Ones office. Gwilym and Angus are on their way to hand deliver the Unpackit 2011 trophy forthe Worst Packaging Award to Sunsweet Ones.

Unfortunately Ken Garmonsway, who is the New Zealand representative for the American-owned Sunsweet range, has informed us that he won’t be able to accept his award as he will be “at a conference”. How convenient!

He has told us that Sunsweet are changing the packaging to include a recycling symbol on the tube, but says they have no plans to stop wrapping the prunes individually because “we still believe this is a convenient product for our prune-eating customers.”

We’re all in favour of prunes and healthy snacks, we just think wrapping each one is completely over-the-top and unnecessary. Convenience seems to be the excuse for putting over-wrapped, individually packed snacks on the shelves. Convenience at what cost to the environment?

While in Auckland, Angus and Gilwym have meetings lined up to discuss good packaging design.

Earlier this week, Sophie and Karen Driver (the manager of the Nelson Environment Centre) visited the Potatopak factory in Blenheim to present Richard Williams with the gorgeously glittered Unpackit 2011 trophy for the Best Packaging Award. Richard and his staff were rapt at the win, especially as they faced some tough competition from the other finalists.