One of my many jobs here at Wastebusters is to design posters and other advertising and marketing material not only for Wastebusters but for other projects which are associated with Wastebusters.

The 2011 Unpackit Roadshow of Joy Poster - Small EditionAs I’m sure you’re all aware, we are working on a super new and exciting project – The Unpackit 2011 Packaging Awards. We have a website – where we are holding our competition. What we are looking for is people to nominate their best and worst packits.

I know that I certainly get wound up when I want to buy something and it’s wrapped up in some heinous packit. OnĀ  the other hand when I come across something that is well prepared for my purchase, I want to scream and shout from the roof tops to celebrate good design and manufacturing.

The 2011 Unpackit Packaging Awards give you the chance to nominate and then vote upon your best and worst packits.

This is where I come in, yes there is a point to this post, I’ve recently designed a poster to be used as part of the super fabulous roadshow which is kicking off soon to promote these awards. Mini and Mol, our two fabulous performers, will be touring the country and putting on their amazing street performances. If we want people to know about where these performances are happening then it’s a good idea to have a poster. So if you’ve ended up here looking for a poster to advertise your stop on the 2011 Unpackit Packaging roadshow then you can download it NOW!

Details of the roadshow and the competition can be found at Get amongst it, be part of the change.