Well here we go, my first blog post on the new uber Wastebusters wordpress place in hyperspace. Exciting. It’s almost as exciting as the 2011 Regeneration tour.

Readers of my blog will no doubt remember when the Regen crew came into town in 2008, we had an epic Jam. Since then there have been a few Summer Jams in Christchurch, a Deep South Event in 2010, to name but a few. 2011 sees the crew back on the road again. Regeneration has been regenerating itself constantly since they last visited Wanaka and what they have to offer in 2011 is even more epic than ever before. It’s happening on Monday 14th March.

Regeneration Crew - 2010 Deep South Jam

As I’m sure you would expect, we have an info packed flyer telling you just enough to make you froth around the edges about the day and evening we have planned.

During the day we are inviting young people to come and jam with us, taking part in workshops covering;

    Global and Local Issues, Leadership, Values & Generosity, Storytelling for Social Change & Climate Change.

Later on, from 6 till 8, we are holding a presentation evening. Everyone, yes that’s everyone – not just young people, will be able to come and listen to some very switched on and motivated young people talk about their passions in life. The mission is to inspire and inform, find out how you too can become involved and play an important role in creating a community and world we are all proud to live in for ever more.

As before, more information can be gleaned form the flyer. So open your diary, find Monday 14th March, cancel everything else you have planned for the day and send your registration into me.

Did I already mention it’s going to be EPIC?

More information:
Facebook – You’ll find links to both of these projects’ Facebook pages on their websites.