Hi and welcome to the brand spanking new Wanaka Wastebusters website. Built over the last 6 months (we’ve been very busy :-) by almost everybody in the office we are still tinkering in the background so please let us know if you find a hiccup.

Our new website is a wonder of what a community organisation can do on the modern internet. We grabbed the excellent WordPress publishing system, designed and created a new theme, put it up on a Linux server in Auckland and whammo: a user editable website which we are hoping to grow, and grow … and grow into a truely useful resource.

Our main aim is to make the normal everyday content accessible, so that means opening times, kerbside collections days etc. If you can not find what you want – please give us a call on 03 443 8606 or send an email to admin@wanakawastebusters.co.nz